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Bringing together business, law and human rights in a changing world

Inclusive Law is an independent organisation, which  aims to assist all groups involved in business and human rights issues. We work with companies (of all sizes), governments, civil society, legal and other professional firms, intergovernmental organisations, trade and industry associations, and others around the world. We provide practical training, information and research, applied knowledge and engaged responses. With over 25 years experience, we are able to clarify the issues, understand the law, interpret contemporary developments, bring together groups and provide effective ways forward in an inclusive way.    


Inclusive Law provides experienced, practical expertise in the legal and related issues relating to human rights issues for businesses, governments, international organisations, professional organisations and civil societies around the world.

We provide advice, research, information and training, from seminars to focussed applied research. These can be transformative in the context of changing expectations today.

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