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EU Commissioner  promises new mandatory human rights due diligence (based on EU study), 30 April 2020,


United States Council for International Business Hosted Experts to Discuss UN Treaty on Business and Human Rights 13 June 2017,

The Morning Risk Report: Human Rights Due Diligence Shields Against Brand Damage, Wall Street Journal 19 October 2016,

Half of businesses worldwide are at legal risk by neglecting human rights, South China Morning Post, 18 October 2016

Human Rights Makes Good Business, Australian Human Rights Commission, 17 February 2016


'Professor McCorquodale's work was... a superb survey of the provisions of access to remedy in this area and is cited in the [UK's] revised action plan [on Business and Human Rights]'

Rob Linham OBE, Acting Deputy Director, Human Rights and Devolution Policy, UK Ministry of Justice, oral evidence to UK Parliament's Joint Committee on Human Rights, 2017

'[Business and human rights] is a developing area of legal practice and we have noted the impressive way in which [Robert is] integrated into this area and cooperates with the major players from OECD, Foreign Office and civil society, including the various offshoots and people of the UN who are active in driving this forward. Your ability, Robert, to engage with our colleagues and clients on these issues [of business and human rights] really helped us to secure traction with them.'

Experienced partner at an international law firm

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