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  • Proposals for regulation provided to civil society

  • Possible regulation discussed with  government and  intergovernmental bodies

  • Briefings for business and legal professionals

  • Workshop summaries for industry associations

  • Research articles for business, government, international organisations and civil society

  • Reports for government and international organisations

  • Seminars

  • Training and professional development

  • Expert advice


  • Business and Human Rights (OUP, 2024);

  • ‘Director’s Duties and Human Rights: A Comparative Approach’ (2022) 22 Journal of Corporate Legal Studies 605-639 (with Stuart Neely)

  • ‘Human Rights Due Diligence Instruments: Evaluating the Current Legislative Landscape’ in Axel Marx, Geert Van Calster and Jan Wouters (eds), Global Governance, Business and Human Rights (Elgar, 2022) 121-142

  • “The Litigation Landscape of Business and Human Rights” in Richard Meeran and Jahan Meeran (eds), Human Rights Litigation against Multinationals in Practice (2021, OUP) pp.1-23

  • ‘The Effectiveness of Human Rights Due Diligence for Preventing Business Human Rights Abuses’ (2021) 68 Netherlands International Law Review 455-478 (with Justine Nolan)

  • Co-Author, Study on Due Diligence in the Supply Chain for European Commission (with BIICL, LSE and Civic Consulting (2020):

  • “Human Rights Due Diligence in Global Supply Chains: Evidence of Corporate Practices to Inform a Legal Standard” (2020) 25 International Journal of Human Rights  945-973 (with Gabrielle Holly, Lise Smit and Stuart Neely)

  • 'Responsible Business Conduct and State Laws: Addressing Human Rights Conflicts' (2020) Human Rights Law Review (with Lise Smit and Arianne Griffith)

  • The Soft Law Nature of the OECD Guidelines: An Impediment for Access to Remedy?’ in Nicola Bonucci and Catherine Kessedjian (eds), 40 Years of the OECD Guidelines for Multilateral Enterprises (OECD, 2018) (with Arianne Griffith) 119-140

  • When National Law Conflicts with International Human Rights Standards: Recommendations for Business (2018)

  • Human Rights and Business 2017: Promoting Responsibility and Ensuring Accountability, UK Parliament Joint Committee on Human Rights (2017) (Special Advisor to the Committee),

  • ‘Human Rights Due Diligence in Law and Practice: Good Practices and Challenges of Business Enterprises’ (2017) 2 Business and Human Rights Journal 195–224 (with Lise Smit, Stuart Neely and Robin Brooks)

  • ‘Human Rights, Responsibilities and Due Diligence: Key Issues for a Treaty’ in S. Deva and D. Bitchitz (eds), Building A Treaty on Business and Human Rights: Context and Contours (CUP, 2017) (with Lise Smit)

  • ‘The Concept of “Due Diligence” in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights’ (2017) 28 European Journal of International Law 899-923 (with Jonathan Bonnitcha)

  • Exploring Human Rights Due Diligence (2016)

  • The Third Pillar: Access to Judicial Remedies for Human Rights Violations by Transnational Business (with Gwynne Skinner, Olivier De Schutter and Andie Lambe) (ICAR, 2013)



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